Sunday, August 9, 2009

Some pics

Here are some recent pics of Mr. Maxx. He has been so much fun lately. He can play in his exersaucer for hours. He is like a bull in a china shop in it! He can already pull pieces of it apart. He also likes to sit in his bumbo seat and look out the window. He is sitting up like a champ. He did it for about 30 mins on Saturday at Maw-Maw El's with only about 2-3 falls. I really think he will be cutting a tooth in the next few weeks. He is drooling nonstop. Everything gets wet. And everything goes in his mouth. His newest thing is to chew on the snaps on his outfit when I am changing his diaper. He had bananas for the first time this weekend and had some wicked poop issues. I won't be giving him bananas again anytime soon.

Here he is in his exersaucer. I wish you could see the color of his eyes closer in this pic. They are really turning a gorgeous shade of blue!

Sitting up while chewing on Sofie. He can even pic up items while he is stting.

Chewing on a water bottle. He takes after his doggie-sister Sandi!

Waiting to eat breakfast.

And being the coolest baby on the block!

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Shay said...

You are getting SO big Mr. Maxx!!! I can't wait to see you in October!