Sunday, June 20, 2010


Sorry I seem to be MIA lately. By the time I put Maxx to bed at night I am ready for bed right behind him. I need to find a way to manage my time a little better but I am running on fumes right now. I can't seem to catch up on my sleep or get anything done lately. But I always seem to be busy and can't figure out why. We don't have much else planned for the summer so I am hoping our days slow down. I want to be able to take Maxx to do some fun stuff soon. Here are some pics from the last week or so. M turned 16 months on Saturday. Where is the time going????

Helping me clean

Playing in his fire helmet

I was playing with my camera. He even looks good in black and white.

M loves the vaccum. He loves to turn it on and off. He actually gets mad when I push it to vaccum b/c he can't reach the button. He gets in my way and I am going to run him over one day!

Here he is running away from me in his new "jean" diaper. I quickly put shorts on him b/c on his way back in the kitchen one side of the diaper was undone and it was falling down his legs. HA!

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