Monday, August 2, 2010

Mac, red gravy, & sausage.....

I have found myself wanting to cook lately. Especially since I have really been trying to get Maxx to try to eat more food or at least broaden his taste buds. And since I want to cook everything we have in the freezer due to hurricane season.

Last weekend I had a craving for Maw-Maw El's macaroni with red gravy and sausage. So I tried it. You have to make a roux for this dish. I had never done this and was very intimidated by the "roux". But I did it and it wasn't that bad. It was a little thick so next time I need to thin it out a little bit more. But I do have to say the dish came out really YUMMY! It makes a huge bowl and it was gone by dinner the next day. It took some pics to remember the special occasion.

Please feel free to share some yummy and/or easy recipes that you think Maxx would like. I will continue to share what I cook. Email me if you want this recipe.

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